I will never forget when i was in my Junior year in High School in Columbia, SC. I was living in a place of poverty and despair : Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually I felt like i had no purpose and no where to go. When Ms. Brabham, My English Teacher wrote on the board:

Hesitation is Opportunities Natural Assassin.

From then on, I held those words near and dear to everything I do. I applied to colleges and different scholarships using my disadvantage of growing up in poverty, as a positive Competitive advantage. I learned that the mind is extremely important how you think even. Yeah, we already know its important what you say and do, but your thoughts give energy and feeling to deeper places that exist… even if you don’t believe. Once we realize and recognize this, thats when we will be able to EVOLVE and start to learn listens that will give us wisdom beyond BELIEF!

This world made up of Energy and what we channel is up to US.

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