What is Blackeneddagger


BLACKENEDDAGGER is the name I gave my Journey while I am in this Physical body in this Physical World. We all have a Journey and reason for being here. Based on my experiences with Poverty, Discrimination, and Equanimity, I’ve learned that I am a Vessel and I love the color (or gradient) of black.

Therefore, I feel A blackened dagger is one that never stabs a person and harms them. It is meant to be a healer. So I see my Purpose and want to heal. Not because of Want, but because it’s what I’ve been called upon from the divine to do.

I discovered the name one night when I was on a Deployment while I was in the military. I did not know what the name meant or why i should use it. Later on, in life, i realized it’s my expression of the world and my journey. In laymen terms, my perspective. Also, It is also my Non de Plume as a Music Producer.

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