I feel like the military was my father and mother. I Am very content and calm living in my little bubble. It took me a long time to get to a place of content after the military, now that i am here, why should i try to fix something that’s not broken or isn’t harming anyone?

I wanted to do everything right and follow a GOOD path; Moral, and WORLDY. I thought to have a car and your own apartment with a cushy income was the RIGHT and JUST way to live. I also thought that eventually, that would bring my comfortability and Security.

However, i didn’t take into account the layoffs, unemployment rate, and lack of motivation i had for the jobs that were available. So, eventually after hopping from Career to Career, i realized something that seems obvious to everyone :


I believe The divine is not a RELIGIOUS figure or being.

I believe in POSITIVITY.
I believe in GROWTH
HELPING others more than just on a Financial need.

I am a seeker of the divine and practice all types of divinity.


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