Philosophy Power thought 2

I feel like everyone thinks there is something wrong with living in a bubble. I say if you are not harming anybody or thing, why should it matter? Sometimes people can get overwhelmed by the negativity and energy that is in this world. It’s important what you think because those thoughts bring fruition into the physical world and spiritual world as well.


I believe in Equanimity and accepting things for the way they are. Meaning, if things are going not in the particular direction as you would like, only two things that can be done: either you can choose to do something about it, or you can let it fester away at your very spirit causing bitterness, negativity, and you bring things in existence that you do not want in your life.


Hence, that’s why it’s very important to keep an OPEN mind and FOCUS on POSITIVITY. So, everyone, I hope you go out there and let your LIGHT and purpose shine through your actions and messages that you came here to do.


I want to close with PHILOSOPHY by Rene Descartes; “I can doubt everything i perceive is real, but the fact that i doubt tells me that i think, that i have consciousness. And if i have this, then i must exist.”

     Therefore, if you think doubt and allow negative energy in your life, that is what the outcome may be.

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