Power Thought 3

EPICURUS – Letters

3rd Century B.C.

“We can achieve tranquility and happiness simply by letting go of irrational beliefs and simply LIVING.”

This quote speaks to me in so many ways. I recall a couple of years ago when i was going for a job and i did everything in my power to pass all the tests in training. I made myself stressed out for no reason AND i ended up not being able to stay at the job. It took me about seven months to realize that after that experience of worrying and fighting so much to just keep something or to please things in your life because you feel like that is your the only option.

Well, Thats new true. A wise friend once told me that no matter what you do in life, you are always going to have more than one choice. Whatever you choose, will bring the type of karma and result you want in your life. So, i am here to say that no matter how hard or hopeless it may seem, remember to not worry and THINK positive and the RIGHT choice for YOU , will sure to come.  Just LIVE.

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