Places that may scare you :I am going to China

I am proud to say that it’s finally happening to me! My dream that I always wanted to do. I am a Veteran of the U. S. Navy military. I came from humble beginnings. I was born and raised in a small town in the South. So this is a huge deal for me. I might have traveled while i was serving, but that was different. My desire was to travel literally almost everywhere I served at while i was in.

The reason i say this is because when you are serving, it’s just like any other job, except this job is twenty-four hours and way more dangerous. So needless to say i didn’t have the time to really enjoy the places I’ve been. Have you ever had a piece of something that you took a bite of, like candy, but you felt deep down inside that you wanted the entire candy bar instead and then potentially another! Excuse me for I love sweets! You get the point right?

In 2016, while i was in New York, I decided to venture out into the world again, but i wanted to help and actually have the time to see the city that I am visiting. After some considerable research and seeing which options i had, I decided that teaching in China would be the best thing for me as it was located in the Pacific, which i love!

The trip fell through in a number of ways. I was crushed and dint knows what my next step should be. So I moved from New York to just start over. I never gave up on my dream, however. So i got in contact with my recruiter to find out if there were any schools hire. He informed that they were and as a matter of fact one of the schools from the previous year was still interested in me.

After months of careful planning and mentally putting myself through the Journey of going to China all over again, I am pleased to say I received the “Ok” to book my flight officially. So just a word to everyone out there who want to just give up because that’s the easy way out, don’t take it because it’s all worth getting what you want in the end!

I can’t wait to explore their culture and I know already about the fair skin perception of beauty. Well, I am far from fair skin, but I will be open to all their questions. I am not going to spiritually back away as Pema Chodron may say, from the” Places that may scare you.”

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