Do you know your Moon?

We know about people walking on the moon and what it is physically made of. We also know how it affects us. However, do you know your moon in terms of your Birth Chart? Well, the moon actually rules our emotions and how we perceive things. The moon has been known to be a guide to many far and few.


The moon also is very important in regards to your life purpose and revealing your Spiritual truth. How can you grow if you dont know what exactly is holding you back? It maybe could be your attitude towards a particular thing. So in order to know what you would need to work on individually, you would have to look up and see what astrological sign corresponds in your moon.

The moon does not represent a chakra like the other planet, but it does represent the receptive, reflective, and responsive side to us. Typically, your emotions protect your soul. It’s paramount to understand that we ourselves give the emotional content to objects, people, or situations.  So it’s significant to know about this aspect of life if you want to understand the universe and how the world works. It’s best to study celestial beings that have been around before any religion came about. I mean, that’s just my opinion, but what do you say?



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