Do You KNOW your Mercury ?

You might have known that Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and has more craters than any other planet. However, Mercury also was the god of message and travel.

Maybe that’s why this particular planet represents mental attitude and how we interact socially with others. In terms of your Astrological Natal Chart, the planet describes a persons mentality. For example, if you look up in google MERCURY in VIRGO, whatever research that comes up will tell you that you interact and COMMUNICATE like a Virgo would communicate.

You have sensations, feelings, a body, drives, and all types of different things to communicate with the world and yourself.

Much of what we consider to be truth is based on our perceptions and what our conditions. If we lived in a completely different place or planet, THAT planet or place would our truth then. So It is all about perceptions.

Mercury is all about perceiving things for truth and HOW you are designed to think about different perspectives. Most importantly, we are all meant to spread a positive message and we are here to LEARN from this life and EVOLVE. Equanimity is important to be awoken to. Once that is realized, the mind will be calm. A meaningful life is a fulfilled one. Modesty and humility are virtues we cannot forget.



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