Blackeneddagger Part 2

Blackeneddagger part 2

“I am black and it was like I’m being stabbed everyday by my dark skin.”

My mother , was a strong dark woman to last until the age of 61 years old. She had no knowledge of anything. She was treated as the outcast of the BIOLOGICAL family. I noticed, sat there and watched , as certain members of my family would treat us like we were inferior due to their lighter or FAIR skin than us.

Still this day, nothing has changed.

As I go into this country , “China,” I go with complete humility and hopefully I can complete my journey, for a year in china, the land of Harmony.

My mother bleached herself in hopes of changing.

She could not deal anymore with the struggle and pain.

Living in a world that where justice would be claimed


Not because of the pigmentation of my skin or by how well I fall into assimilation

And the deprivation of my mind.


But don’t tell me about pain. I already know a few things. I will never play or be a victim of negativity.

So I give this blog , my spirit and sacred heart. As I say these words and recount record upon record of how dark skin is considered Taboo, and how the world looks at a person of poverty. Which, is seen as two daggers in life. The blood is cleared up, and the wounds have healed, but the scars remain.

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