Do you Know Your VENUS?

Have you ever looked up your Astrology Natal Chart and had no idea what the Venus they were talking about? Well, you have come to the right place. Venus represents affections, our sensual nature, and our Values. Whatever corresponding Astrological sign that falls under your Venus, that expresses HOW you love. The heart is capable of love, has desires and values and also has a negative side such as pride, vanity, or jealousy.

It also shows your desires, wants and needs. It is paramount that we learn what our Venus is and how it affects us so we can identify potential mistakes and problems that we keep making. For example, if you research and understand your Venus, you would know what type of Energy you attract, and whether if its energy to further you along in your growth, or will it halt and stunt your growth.

Its  very important to strive to create a balanced self, so you can understand how to use the universe as a tool in your life. We are all a part of the Universe. We are all made of Stardust. Thats why Equanimity is a significant ephiphany we must endure, to become fully awoken.

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