What is most Important?

https://blackeneddagger.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/philosophy.mp3   I wanted to do a writing about what is most important because sometimes what we prioritize as important may not be the latter. I was born in the south and already at the age of three, i started to seek and discover what everyone else around me looked at what was important. My family consisted of a meek, mother, and two brothers primarily. Which we lived in a two bedroom home with the occasional stepfather, Jack, since i was 9. i looked for happiness once i realized i was never going to achieve it in my current state at my current age due to the physical and emotional abuse I encountered.

I was declared “special” and was sentenced to the special education classes because of my lisp and stutter. Back in the south, it is considered a disease to be silent, stutter, and not able to decipher speech. For a long time, i believed that i was special and those classes were where i belonged. Nevertheless, at the age of nine, was when my life changed and that was when I found FAITH. My oldest brother who was sleeping in a chair in the living room took me to a church of Faith of being a Methodist on Elmwood Ave. I found myself that morning.

I longed to understand and ponder this question; Could i actually be happy?” Not today, but at least one day?

Moreover, i continued to go the church at every chance possible to get that feeling of vulnerability and acceptance. Since I never could get it from anywhere else. Along the years my epiphany hit me constantly with the answer that i have seen. I realized that church that i went to, they didn’t outcast me because of my skin color or my dark pigmentation. My soul wanted to learn and it yearned to find what was truly important to them because it was going to be truly important to me.

After a while, we moved, and so i began to go to another church. They also welcomed me with no hesitation or no bars necessary. The pastor took all the members to Golden Corral after every church service on Sundays. I was excited about the food, but that made me wonder how could they afford to spend time, money, and effort on all the members of the church. Some would just go just for the feast afterward. After a while, the pastor welcomed me into his home with his family to cookouts, home bible study, and he would also pick me up and take me home. I began to feel like a burden and felt like he was trying to raise the entire world in his shoulders. However, i am a reader of energy, i sensed the pastors’ wife, did not want to be particularly as open as the pastor of the church was. After a few years later, we moved. So yet again, that sent me on to another journey of faith and deeper understanding. I joined a church of Apostolic faith, where they were considered to be quite the Jovial members by dancing up and down the aisles.

Since i was little, I remembered myself having a freedom of dance and speech and i always felt the need to and desire to express myself in any way that i could positively do so. However, at times, I sensed some sense of fallacy and therefore, I left.

Since then i have been longing and searching for what is important and what is the truth. So I ask you, what is important to YOU? Is it money, is it to be rich and live in prosperity, Wellness? or is it for everyone else to be happy. It is a very important question where the answer will particularly mean different things, but It IS necessary to figure out.

audio src=”https://blackeneddagger.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/philosophy.mp3″][/audio]

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