The land of Harmony


So I made it to China and back. After over a year of trying to achieve China I landed there and walked around the airport with my guitar, and my two two suitcases. What a journey waiting for me was all I could think about. I looked around while in the back seat of the taxi, and thought to my self, I’ve made it to the land of harmony.



You know how things appear to go wrong sometimes in a relationship, but the couple still lives together and have stood the test of time?

Well that is because they have what I call, “Dysfunctional Harmony.” What it means is things are in disarray in some matter or form but still tends to not interrupt the natural flow of the universe.

India and China are two of the oldest civilizations. Both countries still practice ancient traditions that  have been used since the beginning of time.

It was refreshing getting use to crossing the street with everyone else and not worrying about having to dodge the vespers and electric bicycles.

In Goa, India, it’s the same experience with crossing the street  or even just getting on the train. There are so many cars that go with the fast speed of traffic. Nevertheless, my taxi driver was fine with Maneuvering through the traffic to reach our destination safely and efficiently as possible.

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