Next step after China

So after my voyage and work in China, I am at a substantial loss with where I am suppose to go or do next.

The land of harmony in China was a dysfunctional sort. But now, I am confused and can’t seem to gather the pieces anymore. Or maybe I’m just looking for my next adventure. I am a restless soul. Where I’m going next , only heaven knows. The best way to live is in your own.

Brainwashing is a real thing, that is only susceptible to the weak minded.

But I still accept equanimity and positivity as it is.

My point for writing this post is to inspire and let others know, it’s okay to embrace that fear.


Susan Jeffers talks about how never become a victim of life. You should have a calm about who you are and what you do, because only in calmness, the mind can speak.

I am a follower of light and positivity. So each day, remember, it could always be better, but it can also always be worse.


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