The Great Divine vs. Spirituality

Nietzsche talks about humans creativity is a natural sense. Morality takes up away or rather discourses the creative process.

Some believe that reality is only the present because one day everything is fine but the next it’s a hurricane. So truthfully, what can you say is certain?

Well for starters you would have to separate the reality of the world and in this illusion of time first from the “subs” and other dimensional possibilities.

We have to know and understand that anything is possible within the call of your destiny and Fate. By constant guidance and touch with the divine , throughout your life, will keep you humble, safe, and subconsciously aware to the bigger picture of this world.

Being more in tune with the universe will guarantee you more answers as you constantly evolve into self awareness and guidances beyond yourself.

Such awareness can create shortcuts to your Destiny or Fate. Positivity and light energy is the key to chasing the glistens of happiness in this world , while we are vessels on earth.

Equality is a perception. You can choose to believe, change, or deny.

Whatever we do in life, we will always have a choice to make. Be humble for the best person isn’t always the first, or the last. But sometimes the person that never place in the race, but they finished and took their time anyway, helping as many a long the way.

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