The Fit and The Famine

The universe is something that can’t be identified into one setting or instance. We only have our experiences and senses in our lives.

Some have more than others of either. As the world turns, what does one molecule matter? Is it the same in perspective or context by us beings one small vessel in the world, the universe.

Hence some things, we will never be able to control. Some were born into an advantage of this world. But whose to judge and whose to say? Is that really an advantage? Towards Happiness.

It’s not just to make a decision that you may or may not regret. Whose to say that decision was going to change your world for the better?

Positivity plays a huge part in the energies that we attract and the energies that we diffuse.

Vulnerability is of the weak and of the poor. Or is it? More over, with the animal kingdom, It is survival of the fittest. Animals of all likes and kinds have learned to retaliate since it’s their best chance at survival. Hannah Arendt talks about how every being has a purpose since birth.

Unfortunately it could be quite possible that some are quite stronger than others and in different ways we care to not acknowledge.

The point of this blog is to ponder on the aspects of life and what is survival and far are you willing to go? Is it important to you?

If so, then you must keep a positive, focused and calm disposition. You must be willing to not be afraid of the places that may scare you. Finally, Remember two things; it’s a journey, and worry about what you can control or help once a day. Because we are here until we are not.

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