Concepts of a Free Person.

Excerpts From John Stuart Mill

The only freedom which deserves the name , is that of perfuming our own good in our own way, so long as it do not attempt to deprive others.

I believe in this concept because

Everyone quotes free will

But what is the true meaning of “Free?”

Does freedom coincide with free will?

It could be believed that positive energy brings freedom and happiness. Positive energy, which is consisting mostly of the law of attraction for the lighter portion of Life.

The lighter portion meaning the part of life in which that brings a being the more enjoyable side of this experience. The darker side being the sides that are considered less favorable to ourselves.

So In theory, One could say freedom is only possessed when One could experience the sides of light and dark, albeit the balance of life .

Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder to grab sublimely, and is not an illusion.

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