I write this post :happiness for a reason.

I write about happiness to feel good.

Happiness should make everyone feel good. But what is it ?

Some say that happiness is an illusion, a state of mind, or just a temporary emotion that doesn’t last forever.

This is the universal truth: happiness is a choice and happiness is a life long journey.

It is always able to be attained but everyone doesn’t know how to obtain it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let the little pesticides of your emotions and of the past deter you from your happiness. Every living being has a past until their end of existence on this earth.

Which tense is the most important?

The present should be the most important in a rational sense. Do not act upon emotion. Your thoughts should be positive and should matter in the moment to further you along in a forward manner of your journey in life.


Remember, Aristotle says “Happinesses is a byproduct of a meaningful life.” Think What in this very moment makes you happy and does it being meaning to you? Then once and for all you will be able to determine if the by product of your life will eventually bring you the happiness you seek.

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