I am sorry

Everyone can recall a time that they were remorseful in any aspects of their life at least once.

If a person never had such a time, at least a person has displayed the words “I’m sorry” or the remorseful emotions. The words are believed to be a heal all or all ends well.


THE TRUTH to “I’m sorry..”

However, the truth of the matter is that is just the beginning of the road to recovery or is a way to maintain bonds such as relationships, goals, and or other important tasks and accomplishments in ones existence.

Nevertheless, To say that it is a bandaid is an understatement. It does possess the intention to ‘keep the love alive.’

After The Words

What should happen after those words are terms of endearments and forgiveness. It should be as though such things that have lead the words to be said in the first place , are eradicated from the mind. The same thing shouldn’t be completed or pursued or entertained by both beings or roads in the matter.

What happens typically

Nothing. It is used as a filler or a means to control and manipulate.

It is becoming a regular term of platitudes. I’m conclusion, we should only use the word unless we really mean something that is wrong and then it should be justified.

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