The Minute and Mundane

Should they really be so dire in another beings life to where you can’t focus on your own internal freedom and purpose and achieve equanimity because at the end of the life as these beings?

We need to just face it, expectations are something that are of delusions.

People are going to be who they are and will develop into what they are meant to be.

However, if they get influenced by another or thing, let them be enticed and entertain the idea.

Delusionslove letter2love letter2
The fact that someone informs another being of the same thing or ‘mistake’ consistently in a pattern, means that they have chosen to do or develop in a way not to your liking.

Nevertheless, that SHOULD be okay because at the end of the day , we are all tumbleweed, casted into the world searching for our own individual purposes and links to the divine. There is a THIN line between hypocrisy and being critical. Careful not to tumble over into the latter.

I wrote a song called ‘love letter’ and this post is basically what it is about.


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