The act of discussing anything personal can make us FEEL. So are feelings a good thing that we should strive to have more of in our lives? We learn to accept that we NATURALLY have them.


When confronted with disdain and feelings that make feel us bad are naturally okay to have to say in retrospect because after all , we are human.

Well, I’m here to say that I have been faced with certain situations and aspects of life I had no control or choice on how the situations or circumstances would make me feel and it’s safe to say that we all don’t.


For example, poverty or life getting the “better of you” can be looked at as only terminal, because it’s only NATURAL for a person to have some type of NEGATIVE impact that reflects deeply inside of them.


May I say this first: I am not a man of religion. But I believe in a higher.

The universe is a mechanism or tool that has been made to circle around and around forever, Into infinity. Some call it the circle of life.

Some may call it wrong or right. But what can’t be denied is that it exists. An echo is in the air and something is real and here and there.

In a Nutshell

Self – awareness is key to maintaining your Emotional or dare we say it personal side. By having this a strong point in life you can consistently control most or how you react to the circumstances that have been placed in your life at birth.

The outside world doesn’t scare me, and is numbness the opposite of reacting?

I don’t follow or indulge in anything because I FEEL like I need to. it’s more of a matter of trial and error and experiences that internally lead the way for me. If I know I am feeling not talkative or don’t want to be bothered by anyone or anything, it’s not a bad or good thing to be numb, but the way it works best terminally.

Personal feelings get in the way of growth and the ability to manipulate or control any situation. With practice, everyone can get to the place of freedom where your feelings don’t control you because you are self aware of them.

How can positivity take place in a field of voids or lost souls that are sometimes filled with different energies that are out of our control because we are living in the past, NOT in the moment?

I will not be a slave. Freedom is real and with constant life awareness you can achieve it.

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