really true?

I wake up in a constant struggle to try and make sure my freedom is in my sight. Followed by positivity and clarity gained by solitude and consistency.

I am AFFECTED by PTSD and Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It can make me like I am all alone. I feel like I am always on my guard. I am irritable when I first wake up for the beginning of the day. I know I am not the only person who feels the same.

Pardon my candor and me having a hard time staying on point or ranting, but emotions are a balancing act and sometimes it does get the best of me. However, mental illness is very real. It’s not a matter of being real or being proven. The fact of the matter is self awareness is always key to balancing your mind, life, and happiness.

Constant spirituality is at a peak in this circle of what we call life. Everyone should find their own freedom inside of themselves by discovering and practicing their own spirituality. In doing so we can all be free and can seek our own ever lasting happiness that recognizes the individuals are part of just ONE.

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