The Worst feeling in life

Sometimes more than not , you feel like the world is just not meant for you and you would like to just go somewhere else or you think something must not be right. Well I’m here to tell you, don’t WORRY if you worry! Yep, as you’ve learned in a previous blog of mine – the practice of EQUANIMITY and spirituality exist. Well now, I’m here to tell you a brief time in my life, where I felt like I done everything right and didn’t break any of the rules, but still somehow my plans didn’t always work. Well I tend to have a hard time just grasping about why the world is so full of things and people who seem like they have no inner morals or love for anything but themselves.

But I am here to tell you that maybe hundred percent true. Nevertheless, those are some things that you may need to let karma work itself out.


All in all , it’s about balance and moderation. Freedom exists and I personally and mentally had to fight for it. Once I have obtained my freedom of inner peace , nothing is going to get my spirit down.


A friend once told me to call on my “non physicals.” At first I had no idea what she was talking about. A few years later I interpret that as meaning ENERGY. By us as beings having the ability to control our emotions and learn the way isn’t always the we we may want. But with positive energy all good things around you will create your success.

don’t be afraid of the places or things that may scare you. Nothing great ever came from a being in their comfort zone.

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