AWAKENING: Through Equanimity Dave’s Chappelles: Equanimity

What does awakening mean?

The moment you open your eyes and awareness of your physical body and your consciousness, you wake up. But are you really AWAKE?

I believe that something has happened to Jim Carrey’s spirit when he became awoke. He is a vessel to the great divine, no matter what aids he may have used to get him there, is out of our disclosure.

The fact of the matter still remains, whether we believe it or not, it is sensible knowledge because the things he is discussing and conversing about can be looked up in an instant thanks to technology right beside us. He talks about the “kundalini awakening” and what it does to a spirit in this world. He also brings Jesus into the discovery quoting he was never a “he” but an ether.

However that doesn’t mean he never existed, just not what society and the government wanted it to be or become. At the end of the day, science have disproven their own hypothesis and theories, but when something of the divine that makes sense, some are quickly to call it “esoteric” or the “occult.”

The reasoning behind this is because we have been controlled from our very existence into this earth. Our job here is to figure out how to break chains and control and live in Moderation in our higher spirited essence as ONE. Hence the term EQUANIMITY in Dave’s Chapelle’s stand up special on Netflix.

I learned about Equanimity through Pema Chodron, a lady who became a Tibetan Buddhist in her later years of discovery. So in conclusion , a balance and an open mind is very necessary to battle the chains of control and adversity that has been instilled inside of us somehow. Once then, and only then, we will have Equanimity to its biggest measure ever: As ONE, which is the way it’s been intended by the divine.

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