Dogs are greedy, but we don’t have to be.

Dogs are greedy. Dogs may over eat until their bellies burst. It’s a fact because they have no human condition.

Our ability to ACT and the fact that we are cognizant to our beings gives all our lives a new beginning, providing fully justified hope and faith.

There is also another saying: You can’t have your cake and eat it too. While this may sound preposterous thinking that the cake couldn’t serve its purpose for its own creation.

Can forgiveness be learned and practiced in a non human form? Such as animals, or even ether or spirit if you will. Will the karmic universe take mercy and forgiveness on the human condition? Or is it simply what goes around, comes around? Survival of the humble and modest?

However, maybe that’s the balance of the universe, and therefore karma must play it’s part, as the law of the universe isn’t biased.

Therefore if you should choose to have your” cake” and eat it as well then the universe will take heed and abide accordingly by a person creating the karma themselves have created.

In this theory, cake could be pertaining to anything that deems to seemingly make a being or person of greed, because you can have a good life, but only take what you must.

So in conclusion, next time you should think about being greedy in life, think about the karma and others being able to get a piece of the world as well: after all, We are ONE; EQUANIMITY.

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