Why I am not wasteful.

I was born in not so great conditions. I entered foster care from the age of three and finally was released back into the custody of my mother. At five years old, food didn’t come easy for us. So we had to make cooking and different dishes with whatever we had. So I made sure whatever I did eat eat, it tasted decent and most importantly, simple.

My mother was diagnosed with with diabetes when I was I turned ten: so she was forced to change her lifestyle into a more healthy one.

However, thanks to such health conscious tv shows I watched since I was 6, I decided to sway to a healthier lifestyle.

I learned that being wasteful with food and in life in general isn’t the best way to utilize your time and energy. What about the ones that don’t have the little scrapings you decided to throw away. The things we don’t eat, we could turn the leftovers into something different, another dish or meal perhaps.

Positivity is the way to go in anything in life: of course with reason that you don’t overlook the obvious.

So next time you have left overs that you can’t finish, try to be creative and try to stretch them out but adding one or two few new ingredients to invent a brand new dish. Who knows, it might become your favorite recipe!

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