What does Chiron means for us?

What does CHIRON mean for us?

In astrology, Chiron symbolises our unhealable injuries and incurable trauma. However, if a person, instead of drowning in his own trauma, is able to accept the trauma and help others who are also suffering, and accept that suffering is part of life, then Chiron may be the key to wisdom, or even to some sort of “Initiation Gate”.

Higher spiritual consciousness that which maybe a near death experience and may open their kundalini spirit and possess such key.

At the age of three, I saw my reflection in a glass window draped with white blinds, as the car pulled away from the driveway. In that moment, I thought to myself, here goes another day.

The fireplace at four was always welcoming to me. Especially with the hands grazing my tender innocent spirit.

As a child you don’t know what’s wrong or right. But you do know how it makes you feel.

You may understand how something affects you but ones purpose is to spend the entire lifetime pursuing the journey on the desired path that will or will not happen.

Your own subconscious comes out whether you are self aware or not.

In Astrology or Greek mythology it’s called the Chiron. Your pain is your Chiron.

How to Maintain everlasting wounds.

Acknowledging the lessons of Chiron help a person become an example of healing and compassion and meaning.

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