Dealing with deal breakers.

We all have something in a relationship be it a friendship, lover, or even a business partner that we can not tolerate. Yes, it’s best to be positive and just let things happen as they will.

However, it’s a different thing when you are subconsciously suppressing yourself for the sake of peace or another. Peace will not come out of suppression Because there’s no expression behind it. Peace is a state of mind that you ALLOW yourself to go in once you have resolved all the things that you can handle, be it emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

For example, if you don’t have a car, and need transportation back and forth to school, a person would need to remain calm and collective, and the mind will clear itself. Anxiety is the opposite of peace. NOT war. A person Without peace isn’t a secure person. Spiritually, peace is a state of being where you are in-tuned with your own non physicals. Meaning the energy that’s going around you currently , what energy you are exuding, and how to maintain over what you can control.

In the physical world, if someone eats your food without fulfilling their obligation to buy you another one, that is something you can control. If it’s a repeated offense or habitual, then you should think about evacuating the situation at hand, especially if it is DEAL Breaker to you so you can have your own peace. Especially if it’s a deal breaker because it reminds you of antics that you don’t want to focus or see in your future from the past.

It’s important to recognize when things make you uneasy and address them right away in some form, shape or fashion.

Happiness comes from throwing ourselves into life, which lessens worrying about ourselves, a primary cause of unhappiness.

In conclusion, identifying deal breakers and eliminating them from your life can bring peace for you. So go out there and find the positive energy that brings out the peace! Because only then once we have peace within ourselves, we can have peace with and for others.

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