What is Astrology?

A concept that has been around the 4th century B.C.

Excerpt from Divine Love Astrology

The way we see it, astrology is a gift from the universe sent from past, through the ages, to help us today to reawaken our intuition. The ancients used intuition to perceive in nature the system of astrology.

Astrology has been around since 4th century B.C, perhaps even longer we just have not discovered yet. Some things can not be denied or controlled. The universe is one of those things. Understanding the principles of life gives us confidence to meet life without fear, we understand our inhibitions, AND discover our true life purpose that will make us happy. NOT what we want, but what we NEED.

As I type, I write divine, to mean God. But not god in a religious sense. The god that is omnipresent and omniscient.

The divine in this sense is not separate from us as we are part of the divine just as we are apart of nature and the universe.

We are free and we can be aware of this FACT by utilizing astrology.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know most of the rules and laws of the universe? It provides constant peace, support and understanding. That is what Astrology is!

The universe have lessons for us to learn and we are MEANT to evolve.

Don’t ignore your calling. But do you even know your calling? Has it been something you’ve been chasing for years and and you are miserable? Have you felt like your prayers haven’t been answered or no one is listening to you?

Use Astrology to answer your spiritual questions and so you can become your OWN advisor. Because , let’s face it, sometimes we as humans don’t really give the greatest advice .

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