Are you a Pragmatist?

The varieties of religious experience

Excerpts for William James

First, I think it’s safe to divide the kind of beings we have in this world as ones who believe and the ones that don’t. The main question of this blog is to identify whether if you believe in other ideas than your own, or you don’t unless you can locate facts or observations for your conclusion.

There are two category that divide beings: empiricist, whom are those who only see that of facts and observations, and the sensibles, whom are those that act of their senses, be it “from the gut.”

A belief or idea has value only if it works -is changes our worlds in some way. Other notions and ideas, however attractive or elegant should be dismissed.— William James

William James introduces a new category called the “pragmatist,” whom are those that will be open to theological truths, or different metaphysical concepts that cannot be physically seen or reached by everyone.

I see a pragmatist as a being that is open to theological truths, but also observations and facts. A pragmatist is a person that sees the world for what it is and strive nevertheless day to day to keep going and muster up the courage to stay positive and strong.

A pragmatist is a Being that knows and acknowledges energy and different spiritual concepts such as astrology. Moreover, a pragmatist will use and search for the divines purpose for their lives infinitely. A pragmatist is a person that knows everything happens for a reason, because karma exists.

So I ask are you a pragmatist? The ones that look for a better day will see a better tomorrow. Equanimity is a concept that a pragmatist follow since it is constitute to the universal law.

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