Why We shouldn’t try to be Orpah

Excerpt from Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, by Carl Jung

First and foremost, Orpah isn’t a typo, because that was her given name when she was born. It is meant to be Orpah, from the Bible

I will be the first to say if Oprah did run for president, I’d vote for her.

Why you ask? Because Oprah has a proven track record for being a humanitarian, and not a harassing human conditioned to gravitate towards attention at all means necessary.

There was an animated adult show that was on air. One episode actually predicted that oprah would run for presidency in the year of 2020. Prophesying is real and prophets are among us like the ancient days.

Just ponder of the thought of a being who is psychic, but do not work in a psychic shop? We as beings realistically have rationalize and come to a firm conclusion that it is quite possible, every spiritual Advisor doesn’t just live somewhere in Nepal or Tibet living their life as a monk or Buddhist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because I’ve been trying to get to Nepal my entire life!

The point I am making is your neighbor could be that person who possesses wisdom as well. Or perhaps the person whom you just met and seemed cordial.

A person can identify such levels and understanding by being awake: the kundalini spirit. Jim Carrey became awoke In his life and many others. It should be explained, but whether experienced.

The different circumstances that can make a being awake are loss of a loved one, an epiphany of what living truly is, or just a type of mentality that brings on a “this is the way it is to be “ attitude.

You could sense a feeling of detachment from the world and may become “introverted” or “complex” as Carl Jung implies.

So just perhaps, Oprah is awake and therefore is changing the world, and WILL change the world 🌎 as president. The only way we will know is if it is prophesied to us OR we open up as individuals so we can spread positivity and become as ONE: Equanimity.

Just think, the more of beings that we became awake into a higher spiritual consciousness, (kundalini spirit) we will be able to control our actions, reactions, feelings, and the ability to see energy for what it is.

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