How to manage your emotional life: Excerpts from Zig Ziglar

One of my firm beliefs is you can not be happy and emotionally charged everyday. What do you on those days you aren’t feeling like life itself just isn’t your cup of tea?

Well i suffer from PTSD and bi polar disorder, so i have days up and down where i am just not feeling like my happy go lucky self.

The one thing that i do first is listen to music that actually supports how i feel. I am a firm believer of indulging into the arts as a way to cope with your emotions, especially if you are like myself, who has different emotions and feelings coming at you everyday.

When we are young, there are things that we can not control. As an adult, I learned that it doesn’t get easier or harder, you simply just learn how to cope with the daily struggles of life in different ways, hopefully better.

Secondly, another way that you should consider if the music does not work, is take up prose or poetry as a way to express yourself. Poetry works wonders for younger kids and just about anyone suffering from social anxiety or quite frankly, do not want to or know how to talk to anyone about how they feel or what they are going through.

Lastly, the final way I feel it helps is thinking about different outcomes of how you can turn those negative feelings around. For example, when i was a kid i would just dive into astrology whenever i questioned life or the universe in general. As i have said before, I raised myself at an earlier age, since i was in foster care typically at home by myself. So i learned to study, research, and find whatever makes me the HAPPIEST.

In conclusion, Life can be tough and hard to handle sometimes. However, we are all here for a reason still, i know that from personal experience. If you have not been eradicated from this world yet, your life is still turning round and round and its still going. Are you going backwards or forwards? That is a question you have to be open and honest with yourself. I hope this blog has been helpful to at least one person. Just know we are NOT in this alone, even though it may feel like that, more often than not.

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