Being and Human

Life is a concept that is consequently peculiar how Beings are sent here to find each other, and yet we feel lost ourselves on some levels. Life has not yet to be over. But the stoic moments that humans and being in this world are deemed necessary.

Time exists only because we acknowledge it. Your life will beat and “tick” regardless if it’s an hour or years away. When A being has learned the lessons and duties a being was suppose to learn, my soul will ascend.

Martin Heidegger has a theory of time: he doesn’t think it exists. The response to life not having a guideline or plan for how to complete it, is to throw ourselves into it , coming to the conclusion of what is real and true in our way.

Paradoxically, it is also dire that we don’t forget that we as human beings create this world together, hence EQUANIMITY, or dare to say Six degrees of connection.

Despite Heidegger being a socialite in the aspects of socialism and the nazi regime, he still however was just like us: one soul thrown into the world and into this realm to just “figure it out.”

So in conclusion, we as human beings might have to come together for a more clear understanding of the purpose that brought us here. Whose to say you can not get anything done by yourself?

Or is it can you get things done, but just not the same amount of work if you had help from another? Is it the power of belief and faith in one purpose or idea that brings us together and get things done?

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