Are you REALLY being Productive?

Are you really being Productive?

Or are you lazy?

Excerpt from Immanuel Kant Critique of pure reason

Sometimes we get boggled down with the cards life has dealt us. That is complete understandable and it’s important to be how problems and circumstances have affected you (if any) in the past. If a cookie is good, wouldn’t you go for another one?

The same applies in life. If we as humans feel like something is liked by our consciousness or awakes one of our senses, then we usually wouldn’t be opposed to going for more of that exact same thing. Unless it’s been known on a larger scale that it is detrimental to our health.

Therefore if work doesn’t naturally seem appealing to us regardless of if it has an intriguing connotation, are we as beings really going to want to pursue those endeavors?

How can we really know if we are being productive or not? or at least as productive as we can?

Plan. Plan. Plan

A little spontaneity goes a long way in life. However, I always say if it’s not written down, your mind would too distracted and you will end up not getting all of the things you wanted to get completed.

Be honest and realistic with yourself

If you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted to accomplish the day before, be honest about that and as soon as it comes to your mind, you write it down immediately. Sooner or later you will have a plan all on your own that you didn’t EVEN plan. How you can you manifest anything yourself if you don’t know what you want, how to organize it in your life, and when you want it achieved?

The human being itself is the original creator of all its representations and concepts and ought to be the sole author of ALL of its actions.

Are you Lazy?

Sometimes we all need a break. Actually, we need a break everyday! But is that break turning into an hour? Or even leading to multiple hours, days, and months of you mind still going through the same thing in your head and not into your world? Well then, there’s your answer. Laziness is a lifestyle consisting of patterns in our personalities that may be easily go unnoticed if we are not honest with ourselves.

Astrology, cannabis, and having a constant routine and naming things has proven to a necessary thing to leading a productive life. We have to live on this earth 🌏 until we don’t. So why not live a healthy life spiritually, mentally and physically?

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