Why I am done with being a veteran and can never be a civilian

Why I wish I wasn’t a veteran.

Would love to go back to the psychiatric ward.

First off, yes I am a veteran served in combat and saw combat. So please all judgement to yourself.

Every since I got out in 2010,

Life has yet to start again. I don’t know what I’m doing now, but it’s certainly not aiding my happiness, only triggering different things in my life that I chose not to focus on ever again.

I’ve been hopping from post to post roaming and roaming. Haven’t really found a home yet and I probably may never will.

Ever since I got out I get treated , and I’m sure other veterans can attest to this, like we think we are entitled , Special, or like the world owes us something.

I consider myself to be one of the most selfless people on this planet. It shows everyday in how I act and what I do. My life purpose seemingly acts as a martyr for everyone and every other being that’s around.

So yeah, if you feel like I feel, or have any experiences as a veteran or know someone that is a veteran please share.

Well I bid you guys adieu for a couple of weeks, months , who knows I’m going to check myself into a psychiatrist. If my plans are thwarted, I’ll be back on.

Everyone keep thinking positive out there! Your goals and dreams will come to you . Only if you manifest them.

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