Is a Stagnant Mind holding you back?



Second chances?
Successful people focus on their health –

Think on these things

Excerpt by

J. Krishnamurti

By learning how to think beyond the confines of culture.

Work hard – take care of yourself so you can be better for everyone else. Conquer your fears and smite your adversity. We must always feel like we are striving for some type of goal or to accomplish something, be it just sitting down on the couch, or building an empire.

But Krishnamurti talks about how the DESIRE we have is one of the main reasons why we aren’t happy with the present and envy and unsatisfied desires are the result of our lives.

Michael Jackson was a Martyr.

We all want to be famous people until we aren’t. Wanting less can make you more content with what you have, True. But it can also make you appreciative of the small things in your life. When you stop worrying about what others think or how they see you, THEN and only then can you be free and live your dreams and destiny.


Human beings dig a little pool for themselves away from the stagnation this decay we call existence. A pool could be family, work, fears; ambition, religion, and so on, is an attempt to avoid experiencing different things above ourselves.

The truth of the matter is; There is no end.

The only ending is the beginning when we leave this world. It is a ever constant circle and yes. History does repeats itself. My mother is helping me and was a Martyr because of it while she was trapped to believe in something her spirit wouldn’t allowed her to. Here beginning has just begun and this is only ONE world.

The only one that we will see as the physical.

The point of this blog is to get others to understand that the present isn’t the larger reality. The divine is waiting for us to blossom and vanquish minds that are stagnant to our very existence and culture ; Stereotypes, love, hate, and many other things that come into our minds are chains that our spirits are waiting for us to release.

Be honest. Self awareness is key to a better world and your destiny.

Always release into the world positivity, strive for Equanimity and hope for everyone to manifest their own dreams and destinies.
So mote it be.

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