How to Achieve your Destiny?

Happy Black History Month!



We are all ONE.

Martin Luther King Jr. Made me believe in Dreams and Face my destiny.

I see it, and now I don’t have to worry anymore.

If you don’t like someone because of their skin, color, or anything, why even be bothered with such?
Why make it a problem for others?

But that’s not MY problem.


I love myself regardless because I have too many others to help to be down for a long time!

February 10, 2018

You always have what you need because its still with you

History repeats itself.

Uprisings are just a way of the divine saying its time for change and transformation. When you see or even THINK you know signs of evolvement or self-discovery, That is the moment that you should take a risk in your physical world. The divine works in different ways that we could possibly imagine. I feel like I am 15 again. But in the physical world, I am 29. As I remember I would tune everything out because it was of ill-natured to me. Meaning, the energy was so dark it was darker than the gradient itself. It was void of color. Colorless energy: But most importantly I saw it as a destiny that couldn’t be saved.

Inspire others to not be afraid to ask for what they want: With mercy and peace in mind.

When I say this I am referring to when I was fifteen, I would watch and sit in my seat in every class while I was being taunted because of my smell or the way I talked. They would tease me because of things I couldn’t control or change myself. At Fifteen is when I had my mother with me, and we were talking about how we wish we could live in another world. She would say that she’s already in another world. She would tell me about the struggles of walking in the snow 5 miles to school because she wasn’t ALLOWED to ride on the Bus. She would say to me how people would make fun of her and call her names like “Darky” or “Blackey” Or even

just saying her name, “Ernestine,” would bury her soul because she knew she had to be strong and still bare the abuse.

After that moment, I would look at her, and sensed the despair in her eyes. Then at Fifteen, I thought to myself, what type of ENERGY could harm or take the innocence away from someone or energy that is so pure? The answer to this question is MISPLACEd Energy. The energy that does not know where to go in life and so they seek the validity of others by attempting to follow the highest of the highs that make them FEEL that they ARE somebody.



But would never find it. At Fifteen I pitied the ones that made fun of my mother and I because of our skin, and could see the worry in their eyes and could sense the hurt in their souls. I know while I was faced with being poor, foster care, and so many other adversities in my life, I still knew that somehow I was going to be OK.


But I am a firm believer in Karma. When I say Karma, I am referring to not of violence to anyone or any being in the physical world: But of a natural flow of the universe in which only a FEW know or learn how to change or control. You achieve good karma by doing good things. Simple as that. But you can’t build up any karma if you never go through trials or tribulations. You have to LEARN, EARN, and Believe. You have to learn so you move on and evolve. You have to manifest your own destinies ENOUGH to Earn your dreams.

Thinking, believing, and Seeing it already before it’s already in your hands.

We are social animals, born for the sake of each other. – Cicero 44 B.C.

If this is true, how can we become ONE and help each other if one doesn’t trust the other due to issues of abuse, taunting, and teasing, and overall just immature behavior among ourselves?4 year old

I remember taking this photo. My Foster parent made this when I was being abused in Foster Care. But it wasn’t the type of physical abuse i was used to. It was filled with tenderness.



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I am The Black Gypsy and first, I would like to Thank You for visiting my blog. I created this blog as a safe haven for myself and a way to share positive thoughts and ways to help others. I found myself through spirituality and music. 
 I am a Veteran who suffers from PTSD and I also suffer from Bi polar and Depression. I also have other disabilities that affect my speaking since birth which causes daily social anxiety in my life, hence why I am an introvert who loves the World Wide Web. My mother was depressed her entire life due to unforeseen circumstances like her darker skin color, mental illness, and abuse and she took hers December 2016. Her spirit lives on through me, my music, and my ideas. 
 I am a singer – Songwriter that focuses on writing songs from my experiences in life . My goal is to serve as a vessel to the divine and to help others find their life purpose through utilizing different tools that have been created for us to use. 
 Please feel free to post positive comments or thoughts as it may help others and may be relatable as well. If you support what this blog is about, check out my music on SoundCloud as well and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I have traveled to nine different countries! I was born and raised in Columbia, SC. I served four years in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. I lived in Los Angeles, CA for 4 years, New York City for a year and a half. I wanted to create a place where I can openly discuss spirituality, Astrology, and other tools of divinity without judgment. Positivity energy is welcomed and given back! Over the course of the blog I will be doing tarot cards and different interpretations of spiritual perspectives.

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