Beyond the Rainbow

I saw the gates of Heaven
Beyond the Rainbow

Excerpt by Swedenborg
Heaven and Hell

In 1758, A man named Swedenborg took
A trip to Heaven and Hell. His portal of reaching such an infinite place was a fire 🔥 had broken out and the physical life flashed before his eyes.




My wings were stripped because I had to come into the world. It was then he met with angels and saw the likes of Heaven.

“Angels are baffled at hearing that there are actually people who ascribe; to ones self but nothing to the divine.” – Swedenborg

Self love isn’t a state of mind or a means to practice selfish behaviors.

Heaven, just like Hell has people in it. But they aren’t in Hell because of the things they have done like most religion tells us. They are there because of their belief in doubt.

I recall the time after my 5th suicide of taking 27 pills attempt, I saw the bright white light. It was so bright and brighter than daylight . But it was in my sight. Then I was looking at myself in the mirror. Time didn’t exist anymore.

A voice called out to me , “it’s not your time.”
But the gates closed and the light disappeared.


The purpose of this blog is to let you know:

You can’t hide from your destiny.

But you can create a new reality.
By thinking positive thoughts and being pure to the nature of truth.

A simple life of belief and truth is all you need to enter into Heaven.

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