Excerpt by: Aldous Huxley: The Doors of Perception

We are the models: The Morsels of Insignificance.

What if the Artists are not the actual Geniuses? What if the painting that the artist takes control of is the manipulator? The world thinks so highly of itself as a one. The road to success is not an easy road for most, and it never will be. Success is also typically in the eyes of the beholder but

shouldn’t it be whatever the divine see fit? And not the other way around? The opposite of self-love isn’t selfishness. The opposite of Self-love is Greed. Selfishness is a state of desire to be next to one’s self due to a detrimental possibility arising.

positivity is the meaning of expressing all things that are well and makes the world a better place. Positivity isn’t an excuse to have a facade and pretend that things do not exist or matter. Positivity is giving your all to the bright side and manifesting for the divine.

Moving on and about in the world can be a scary place, and those who tend to frequent their rooms by themselves are called “Selfish” or “insecure.”

Quite Frankly, Everything happens for a reason, and that particular person sees themselves in that light for a reason. But as  I have in Astrology and about your Chiron, Somethings are meant to just be forever. Some things are forever on this Earth. In this world. Everything repeats and then turn into just a different way to say the exact same information.


The divine sees The world as vessels to reach closer to the truth. To the discoveries of ourselves and once then and only then we can see through the captivity that perception has placed ahold of us.



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