The Sunrise



What It Means?

There is no essential nature at the heart of our being. We are free to create a self and invent a life as we wish. Jean Paul Satre talks of there being no accidents in life. We are responsible for the world we make.


Taking control of our world by gaining positivity and accountability is the way to a meaningful life riddled with happiness and glistened with bliss. For example, everything we do causes an action.  – Sartre


However, we control our destinies if we may very well believe. Human reality does not exist first to act later. We are born to continue the circle of life.I feel like I am Fifteen again. For many different reasons:


I have dived into who I really am.
All the friends that were in my life when I was 15 came back into my life this year.

The color of my skin started to affect me.



and My Mother.

One of few pictures i have of my Mother. I think in the Seventies.
She smiling right there! What a peaceful soldier. Suffering in Silence.

15, was when I felt the closest to my mother.
When she told me what We truly were astonishing and will have the impact on the way I know life.

Those who realize that they choose the meaning of their own being, even if it is a frightening thought, are absolutely free. They can live life without excuses, regrets, or remorse, and take absolute responsibility for their own actions.

I realized this so many times whenever i felt I messed up in life, especially when I faced my repossession in 2015.

The purpose of this blog is not to scare or frighten, But to empower with self-discovery and positivity along the way to ALL that may read this blog.


Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you. – Sartre

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