Why positive energy is important.

Why positive energy is important

Life can be hard from the time you were born. You could have different speech impediments that cause you social anxiety your early years. You could even be facing death itself every single day. Those are things that we can not control. However, the mindset of what we allow in our minds have a direct impact on our lives as a result of our thoughts: be it positive or negative. A child who is three years old cannot control their circumstances, as a child in general.

Myself as a being knew positivity was deemed necessary for my survival, as of the daggers and spades I’ve been dealt.
Thankfully, My mother brought me into my life of Astrology. From then on, Spirituality has always been apart of me.

I began reading tarot cards when I was just thirteen years old. Once that happened, I found another way to connect with the divine by the energy I give out and put into the cards.

Energy is everywhere, and you feel it the moment you walk into a room or the moment you wake up.

If a being is exposed to only negative energy in their lives, there is a way to retract that and control your power still with positivity.

Those who don’t learn from their past and embrace it, are doomed to repeat it.

Just because you aren’t aware of something doesn’t make it not true or not there, or not happening. I think it’s interesting how the tree falls and nobody is there to hear it drop then that means it didn’t happen.

The same could go for starving kids in Africa. We don’t see it, but does that mean it’s not happening in some of the ways that we account for a specification moment of time?(present, past, future, i.e.)

Do you know what energy is and how to channel it to always remain positive? Even in the hardest harshest times that seemingly may prove to be detrimental to your health spiritually, mentally and physically?

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