How Electronic Dance Music saved my life.

How EDM saved my Life

The first EDM Song I knowingly heard was Animals by Martin Garrix in Los Angeles, CA. That time I was working at Wells Fargo as a Banker in January 2014. One of the Coworkers was playing it on the office computer. At the time the only thing I regularly performed at home or in my car was Calvin Harris.

After I was fired due to my mental disorder, I never felt so free in my life. It felt like it was a good sign. Until the bills started kicking in and i felt like i was in my own world going my own direction.


Until my two friends, Rodney and Danielle informed me that they were moving to New York. Fate has designed it to where I would be in New York that year in November 2014.


Everywhere i went I tried to learn everything I possibly could about EDM, and if we were not together, I’d listen to an EDM song to remind me of all the positive things in life. This doesn’t look like the face of a nan who had to move six times in 6 months due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e., incompatible Roommate which happens a lot in  New York City, Especially Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

When I heard the song  Animals, I instantly thought of the world and how i fit into it. The song took me back to all the unusual places in my life, and I thought about what I love to do and whenever the clouds in life Appear.  My head was throbbing in the bliss of such a musical creation I have never heard before in my life. At the time i told myself i could never make music like that if not ever.

However, I recall since I was younger, I used to love to listen to music that made me feel good. Not only did Animals make me feel good, but it also made me feel like dancing. i was inspired by the song. So as a person who loves to learn more, i wondered if there were any other Artists out there that played the same type of music: of course, there was, and i just live in my own world, Until its time for EDM to save me again by dancing the clouds away.

However, I did not know in June 2017 i would create my own EDM “Energy.” So If i did not discover EDM, i would still think about all the things i love to do, such as blogging, videography, and my music. I just feel like it wouldn’t be to the magnitude of how my music is portrayed at now.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know that whatever they remind you of those happy places or the things that help you take the clouds away is the way to your happiness. My tool for positivity is Music, specifically EDM. What is yours? If you don’t have an answer don’t worry, EDM can be that THING for YOU. Start out with listening to the LYRICS of the songs and the rest will follow.







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