What is saving you?


What does Superior man do?

The superior man thinks of virtue and isn’t concerned with the things that he can not control. Negativity can be turned into a positive. Just like in integers stemming from Algebra. Balance and virtuosity is the key to a well-lived life.

For example, some may see their creative blooming the most when they are experiencing gloom or reminded of it.

However, that doesn’t make one a person of negativity or even cynicism; YES, there is a difference.

We are chemicals , we are the elements : Earth , Air, Fire, and Water.

It’s just to become self aware and discover your purpose: even if something isn’t your passion.

You can have a constant solution to a problem, but nothing is permanent. The purpose of this blog is to spend this day trying to truly focus on each moment. Gather joy from it. Feel your emotions.

Revel in what you have and what you are. This will make the present – and the future – much brighter.


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