Do you Know the tools to life?

IMG_4203The Tools to Live

By: The Black Gypsy

Dedicated to my friend Scotch.

This world has beautiful landscape deep spirit ruins live under the earth. The physical remains shall perish one day. But the spirit lives forever. That’s why we are able to communicate with the dead because they are only gone in this physical world.


The spiritual world looks over us. Be it the Angels or the saints. The divine is the almighty, and it is absolute. There is no questioning your destiny as it already lies in YOUR hands.

History repeats itself, but if a human being has learned its lesson, they should not happen the same experience again. Unless it is their own decision to do so.

Maybe the mind wasn’t ready to move, and that was the problem. Don’t follow the mind, develop your spirit.

Use the tools that the DIVINE has bestowed upon us:




Don’t fear the unknown 

seek to know more than this world and yourself.

During the test of my trials and repeats, i know that they may have been falls and slips, but NEVER a mistake.

Everything in my life happened for a reason, from the broken hearts (only of this physical world) because broken hearts don’t go with us. They mend, and they heal. We move, and we grow.

I AM The Black Gypsy

Dedicated to my friend Scotch.

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