How to manifest your own destiny

This is the new day, the new bridge into my new life.

I never knew I could feel so happy.

So can YOU!

January 1, 2018 through yesterday,  was hard moments for me to grasp. I ended up in the hospital due to depression in Ohio in which nobody understood. But like a phoenix from the ashes or a magician does magic I came to shine my light and to spread my flames of happiness around to everyone that i may merrily meet.

The black gypsy here is saying to don’t forget to dream because when you imagine, you manifest your destiny. Don’t think the impossible, Think the right dream for you because we all have different dreams inside of us that could be similar but not the exact same.

The world is trying to hold us down while the universe is asking for us to ask THEM to help us.

Pride is of a fool, and Humility is of a cougar.

Let Justice prevail and don’t take the full road or pastors with the other cow and sheep.

We are chemicals , we are the elements : Earth , Air, Fire, and Water.

It’s just to become self aware and discover your purpose: even if something isn’t your passion.

You can have a constant solution to a problem, but nothing is permanent. The purpose of this blog is to spend this day trying to truly focus on each moment. Gather joy from it. Feel your emotions.

Revel in what you have and what you are. This will make the present – and the future – much brighter.






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