Practices of a vessel


How can you wrong the universe?

I have something to say in a world where nobody else words matters but of the majority. The way this society is built to where we govern our thoughts. The life of tomorrow is what we see at the end of every day and tunnel.

O my brothers, God  exists. There is a soul at the centre of nature, and over the will of every man, so that none of us can wrong the universe. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The plunder of what is surrounded by us by our kind friend fate, will not forever cast its shadow.

The time is now and here to realize your own fate and control your own destiny. How can one be sure if anything is real unless it is tangible you ask? For sure the greats such as Caesar or Socrates didn’t question what is not there due to not seeing for only the wise and just will see.

Emerson speaks of calamities and sorrow of the world, and that nature is mocking us for whom cannot be severed or controlled.
It is true we must know our destiny to live a happy meaningful life.

You must know your past, relinquish your baggage, and then and only then will you be free enough to FLY.

How to know when the universe is reaching out its hand to you?
When you start seeing by opening up your eyes and think and feel on a higher level than yourself. We are mere vessels to the divine and we must therefore accept its hand to live a positive fulfilling life.

Are you tired of being a stranger to yourself?

The mysteries have been resolved and solved. The passions lie where you have gone before.
The path is an open and revolving door.
spirituality equanimity, and divinity is the key to seeing your destiny.


Be Free by accepting accountability

Seek to inspire the world

Have a desire to please the universe

Accept things as they are

True Equanimity

For I am

The Black Gypsy

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