Bewildernment of a soul

By: The Black Gypsy

Tired of things not going your way? Still trying to find answers that you may never see? Are you going to be okay with the responses that you have received?

These are many questions that I cannot bear to answer myself. I must be a witness to the unknown for I was sleep before. The power of Equanimity is valueless. Acceptance of life and your fate is the only way to grow and learn those same lessons that you have learned before my soul.

History repeats itself and will be a constant revolving door.
The affirmations that our ancestors did exist is the constant belief in what they were and what they indeed stood for and WHY.

The higher being is something or a spirit. In which no man can describe. Yet the stigmata on our backs and through our lives say differently.

Atheists are human skin but a different soul path, in which they may continue to grow and spread their enlightened epiphanies.

Monotheisiology is meant to sustain control and gain power.Remember the wars and the Spanish inquisition? How can you create a Statue with statutes that no being can obtain in the world?

However, there is something out there, I call it the divine. Call it a higher being, even God. It has given us tools incomprehensible to ourselves.

How to decipher the good amongst the bad and the lucky or fortunate from the poor in values?

It takes a mountain to move a mountain,

It takes pure water to awake the giant fountain.

The universe is Divinity’s way of showing us tools and a guidebook.

Aside from the things that have been proven, the planets, stars, and soil have been witnesses to our existence. I think they may have something to say, Don’t you think?

I know I do,

For I am the Black Gypsy

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