How to revel in your past


John Donne

Death be not proud . John Donne has
always said devotion is given to the dying bodies during their last final words in the world.

I wonder what was my mothers?

Emily Dickinson wrote about Death all the time.
A person is in the hospital due to severe complications and reasons. While giving their last breath, they tend to feel closer to whatever they have believed in their entire life while physically breathing and living. The being then bows down and confesses whatever it is that they feel at the moment, out of fear.

Nothing is absolute. But Death Don’t fear the absolute. Respect the unknown and you may need not be on your death bed in panic. You will be able to accept what you cannot change. You will each day like its your last and you will revel in the glory of the past being the past.

Everything happens for a reason, some people may go and come just for a season, but you have to know the moments and times last forever.

Some will ask for mercy because of the life they have lived, or the life they may not get a chance to live. Why ask for mercy when you have a choice to do good everyday?

Its not anyones fault if you have to take the exam, but don’t past the test.

Be it Astrology, God, or Jesus, It is all the same when it finishes for us in this world.Nevertheless, some changes in the end are to be questioned because the human was made and designed to be filled with curiosity .

A balanced person who is full of curiosity and no caution, is not a balanced person for a rounded person of the world have both.

To the point at hand, we need to accept and grow. You can’t bargin with the divine.

You have a past

Don’t forget

revel in what made you

who you are today

For the moving on

and choice is yours .

For a Gysy cannot escape the destiny to travel and bless,
You cannot escape your past to inspire and to guide others in some shape or form.

Believe in your self

By finding True Positivity

The Black Gypsy
Says the light will always shine.

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