The Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument

By The Black Gypsy


Confucius, A Chinese philosopher, once said:
Music produces a kind of pleasure no human nature can live without.

Some start playing a musical instrument at the age of three or later in life. Doesn’t matter when you start, the point is its important to at least play one musical instrument, especially if you are in the Art of pleasure.

My first time i wanted to play an instrument was because of this cartoon that i was watching on PBS, (Public Broadcasting System.) One of the characters was playing an instrument or making music in some shape or form. I asked my mother for a Cello for my Birthday. I wasn’t surprised when i hadn’t received it. Nevertheless, i did cry and pout and cause a temper tantrum because it was something near and dear to me that was calling out from above, saying that was my destiny: Music.

But Did I ever gave up? No. I did lose my way somehow. It wasn’t until after my first hospital stay was i back on the road to music. After I got out two days later, I bought my first guitar ever. While in the ward, music therapy was held there every day for the patients. I didn’t think anything of it.. Until i found my soul again.

Which brings me to the matter at hand, Why some do not think music is as important as English or Math.
I don’t think my life would’ve been half as bad if i was able to play and buy the musical instruments I always wanted to every since i was a little boy.

The taunting and teasing wouldn’t sting as much, rage wouldn’t be so prevalent in our communities and schools. I was teased and taunted just because of i was being me.

The Black Gypsy says

Keep music IN schools

Keep the Arts inside of you

Keep the RAGE under control

Have power over who you are to be

Discover your destiny,

complete those things you NEVER could

Be happy to everyone you merrily meet

For I am The Black Gypsy.



The light will shine.png

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