Do you truly treat time of the Essence?

The journey of life is constant while the present is noticeable. Have you ever just sit down and realized that you are living. That life at the moment, is happening for you and you all of a sudden understand that time is valuable, and cannot get back?

Some may ask why i don’t take anything for a joke, but i know when i need to laugh and focus on tasks and self-accountability. At the end of it all, YOU are the only one to blame for NOT getting things done due to the attack that adversity has placed on you. There are minor exceptions to that rule, however. For example, if you are not of right sound and mind, or just out of this world altogether, except physically.

New Game.pngSometimes i stare and ponder into the real world to help those with good merits. Most of the time, I stay in the world that i have created and made for myself. How did i get in this world? Well, I guess a series of life events that lead to epiphanies that seemingly felt like that were hitting and stabbing me in my back. Hence my production company is named Blackeneddagger.


It represents everyone that suffers from any type of type of Adversity that may try to hold someone back. The daggers may go in, even tearing flesh. But the physical body cannot split or destroy your soul. I created this production company with one thing to say:

time for a change .png

You may be stabbed by emotion or mental illness.



By societal views and rules


Even by Poverty and Famine

Or just LiFe itself.


Just know you that even though we have been stabbed and wounded, We can take control of our Daggers and Keep fighting the Good fight of wanting peace of mind, Positivity, and True Equanimity.

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