How to keep a Positive Attitude

My Mother told me there’d be days like these . Sometime it’s rough and challenging.

It’s all apart of life and lessons
That are meant to be learned taught.

Don’t have the best attitude on the outlook?

It’s about not just existing , but being aware of the different vibrations that are around you. If you are thinking negative and are around people that are also , theres no change that can be made.

Go out and find the positive people and the life that will make you happy

Love sometimes just isn’t enough, especially when the love nearly disappears.

My mother told me when I was a seven, whatever it is that you want to do for the rest of your life, start NOW. you don’t have forever like you think you do. What have you been wanting to do since you was five or what has been coming to you over and over again in your life?

The Black Gypsy here saying YOU can do it.

Its never too late!

You have a speech impediment? No Problem

Have a record? Don’t worry!

Or Are you lost in your feelings of emotions?

Poor? Well then be Rich in your virtues.

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